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Local Cake #2

When I woke up this morning, the outside temperature was several degrees below zero. So I decided to stay in and bake a cake. I chose this recipe for “harvest cake,” a layer cake based on grated vegetables – carrots, … Continue reading

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Local Cake

Local eating isn’t only about fresh fruits and vegetables. Cakes can use local ingredients too! Encouraged by a cake baking class I took recently, I decided to try my hand at making a sacher torte. This rich, chocolatey cake traditionally … Continue reading

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I’ve gleaned quite a few treasures from our neighborhood garden dump over the summer. I am amazed at the still-good things people dump there. My edible finds this summer have included two perfectly good and still-growing basil plants from which I’ve made … Continue reading

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In my quest for ways to have fresh greens to eat during the cold months of the year, I have been experimenting with sprouts. From one point of view, you could say homegrown sprouts are about the most local food you can … Continue reading

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