Wood Sorrel

Wood sorrel is a low-growing plant with heart-shaped leaves and small yellow flowers with five petals. It is sometimes mistaken for clover because its leaves look a bit like clover leaves.

Wood sorrel may also be confused with a garden plant with a similar name. However, wood sorrel (genus oxalis) and common or garden sorrel (genus rumex) are quite different plants.

Wood sorrel leaves are tender and have a pleasant lemony taste. A small handful of chopped leaves makes nice addition to a garden salad. You can also make a simple sauce by sautéing wood sorrel in a bit of oil or butter.

Wood Sorrel Sauce

  • 2 cups wood sorrel leaves and stems
  • 2 Tbsp. oil or melted butter
  • Salt to taste

Chop up the wood sorrel with a knife or scissors. Sauté in the oil or butter until wilted. Serve over steamed or roasted vegetables. For those of us who live where lemons don’t grow, this is a nice way to add a lemony taste to vegetables using a local plant.

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