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Winter Berries

Have you ever heard of jack fruit? I hadn’t either, until I heard a segment about it on a radio cooking show the other day. The recipes sounded fun but I thought to myself, why would I bend over backwards … Continue reading

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Freezing the Harvest

In this part of the world, this is the time of year when fruits and vegetables are abundant. It’s hard to keep up with so much delicious eating! Fortunately, freezing produce for later enjoyment is really easy. I like to … Continue reading

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Who owns the berries?

In the neighborhood where I live, no individual resident owns any land. We own only our houses. The land around them, including the flowerbeds, open areas, and woods, belong to the homeowners association. The only outside thing a resident owns is the … Continue reading

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Wild Strawberries!

I always connect wild strawberries with the fourth of July, so when I paid a visit to my neighborhood wild strawberry patch this afternoon, I thought it was just to gauge how much longer it would be before they ripened. It’s a … Continue reading

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Exploring the ‘hood

I took a little exploring tour around my new neighborhood this afternoon. Here are some things I found. Wild strawberry plants Coltsfoot. I’ve heard it has medicinal uses, but I’ve never tried it.     Blackberry canes (or raspberry).   … Continue reading

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Bread Pudding +

I love anything custard-y, so bread pudding is high on my list of things to make. It’s a really versatile dish that can be made sweet or savory and varied with all sorts of additions, so it can easily be … Continue reading

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Elderberry Muffins

Another thing I am going to miss when my house sells is the elderberry bushes. There was a great crop this year. Here they are, just beginning to ripen. Even though they were turning ripe right around the time that I … Continue reading

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Berries are on the way. The first to ripen, in early July, will be these wild black raspberries. Around here people call them blackcap berries. So exquisitely delicious.   These are the blossoms of cultivated purple raspberries.   Wild blackberries. … Continue reading

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