Wild Strawberries!

I always connect wild strawberries with the fourth of July, so when I paid a visit to my neighborhood wild strawberry patch this afternoon, I thought it was just to gauge how much longer it would be before they ripened. It’s a good thing I decided to do that, because ripening was definitely underway there, and I ended up coming home with a sizable handful of the delectable fruit.


A few years ago, my brother and I spent an afternoon picking wild strawberries for strawberry shortcake.

Scan 151620001

It was delicious! But it’s not something I’d do every day. Picking enough of the tiny berries requires an unscheduled afternoon, a companion to help you, and a good deal of patience. However, if you can manage all that, you’ll surely find that it’s worth the effort.

The handful of berries I picked today will probably go into tomorrow’s breakfast cereal. Unless we eat them all up before then.

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