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Wild Strawberries!

I always connect wild strawberries with the fourth of July, so when I paid a visit to my neighborhood wild strawberry patch this afternoon, I thought it was just to gauge how much longer it would be before they ripened. It’s a … Continue reading

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When Life Gives You Strawberries

My recent experience with ice cream is interesting to me not so much from a local foods perspective, although local foods were involved, but because of the creative challenge of cooking with what’s on hand. The other day some dear … Continue reading

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Bread Pudding +

I love anything custard-y, so bread pudding is high on my list of things to make. It’s a really versatile dish that can be made sweet or savory and varied with all sorts of additions, so it can easily be … Continue reading

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Elderberry Muffins

Another thing I am going to miss when my house sells is the elderberry bushes. There was a great crop this year. Here they are, just beginning to ripen. Even though they were turning ripe right around the time that I … Continue reading

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My Edible Plastic Condo

I have not been neglecting this blog for the past couple of months. I’ve just been too busy packing and getting ready to move to have any time to write. I haven’t had much time for backyard eating, either, though … Continue reading

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Berries are on the way. The first to ripen, in early July, will be these wild black raspberries. Around here people call them blackcap berries. So exquisitely delicious.   These are the blossoms of cultivated purple raspberries.   Wild blackberries. … Continue reading

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Cleaning Out the Jam Cupboard

I found this cool old cookbook in my mother’s kitchen. I think she found it in her mother’s kitchen. I probably won’t want to try the recipe for jellied chicken, though the one for shredded wheat with malted milk looks … Continue reading

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