My Edible Plastic Condo

I have not been neglecting this blog for the past couple of months. I’ve just been too busy packing and getting ready to move to have any time to write. I haven’t had much time for backyard eating, either, though I did manage to get a good quantity of raspberries, blueberries, and green beans into the freezer.

Now the move is complete, the unpacking has begun, and I am settling into my new residence. The house with the edible backyard is for sale and I am now living in a condo-type community. But even in a place such as this, as I have been happy to discover, there are plenty of opportunities for backyard eating. The neighborhood sits right next to the woods, and the landscapers seem to have a policy of allowing areas around the edges of the manicured lawns to stay natural. I have been eyeing an apple tree in one such area, and yesterday I decided to finally check it out.

The tree is located on a very steep slope (probably the reason why there’s no landscaping there) surrounded by thick brush. So it’s not very easy to reach the fruit on branches, and the apples that fall off roll down, down, down into brushy no-man’s land. I was able to gather enough apples, though, to make a decent batch of applesauce.

The apples are yellow with a rosy blush and taste slightly tart.



They made a delicious applesauce.



Right now, the areas beyond the lawns are bright with goldenrod. No doubt they also hold many natural edible delights, and I look forward to future adventures exploring and foraging around my edible plastic condo.


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