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More Cold Weather Plants

I like bringing in dried plants to enjoy indoors, but I also enjoy them in their natural habitat. Here’s what I found around the neighborhood today. This milkweed won’t look like this for long, so I’m glad I got a glimpse … Continue reading

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Flowers for Winter

Just because winter is on the way, it doesn’t mean that the season for enjoying flowers is over. So many plants are as beautiful and interesting dried as they are when freshly picked. Zinnias are very easy to dry. I cut one … Continue reading

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I’ve gleaned quite a few treasures from our neighborhood garden dump over the summer. I am amazed at the still-good things people dump there. My edible finds this summer have included two perfectly good and still-growing basil plants from which I’ve made … Continue reading

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This afternoon I went for a walk to pick wildflowers. On my way home, flowers in hand, I was stopped by a neighbor as she was pulling out of her driveway. “Do you like hydrangeas?” she asked. When I replied that I did, … Continue reading

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Foraging Around the Edges

I took a walk around the edges of my neighborhood yesterday, in that zone where the manicured lawns meet the scruffy woods, looking to see what edibles the wood edge might offer. It was warm and sunny out in the … Continue reading

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Fun and Games with Dandelions

I came across this recipe for dandelion chips the other day – kind of like kale chips but made with dandelion greens. I like kale chips, so I decided to try it. I pretty much followed the instructions as given, … Continue reading

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