Foraging Around the Edges

I took a walk around the edges of my neighborhood yesterday, in that zone where the manicured lawns meet the scruffy woods, looking to see what edibles the wood edge might offer. It was warm and sunny out in the open, though there were still larges patches of snow in the shaded areas, and the streams were rushing powerfully with the force of melting snow and ice.

Poking out of the leafy debris under a bush, I found what I was looking for.


Dandelion greens, the first greens of spring. I dug up several bunches and brought them home. They needed a bit of soaking to get rid of the dust and grit.


The rest of the vegetables gave them a warm welcome into the evening salad.


My foraging excursion also revealed the tiny new leaves of garlic mustard and violets. I was happy to discover that even a place such as this with a golf course aesthetic provides so many edible possibilities.

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