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Crabapple Sauce Bread

Crabapple trees are abundant in my neighborhood, and I’ve written in the past about using the fruit to make crabapple sauce. You can use crabapple sauce in baking in the same way you would use applesauce. I always make a … Continue reading

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Crabapple and Wild Grape Jam

There are a lot of crabapple trees in my neighborhood. Even though they were planted for ornamental purposes, that doesn’t mean you can’t eat the fruit! The tree behind our house produces apples the size of cherries, and I’ve found … Continue reading

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More Adventures With Crabapples

This week’s crabapple experiment: crabapple sauce. It came out pretty good. It takes a bit more cooking time and water than regular applesauce, but otherwise the process is the same. Also, you’ll probably want to add more sugar to the … Continue reading

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Adventures with Crabapples

Every spring, the crabapple trees that line the streets of this neighborhood burst into spectacular pink and white bloom. This is how the treeĀ behind our house looked last May. It turns out the trees have other uses aside from the … Continue reading

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