Bok Choy – A Vegetable I Have to Learn to Love

Bok Choy has little to recommend it as far as I can see. Its stems are watery, its leaves wimpy, and it cooks down to an almost flavorless almost nothing.

And yet it keeps appearing in my CSA basket.


During CSA season, I plan meals around the contents of the weekly basket. I have no problem whipping up a dinner with asparagus as the main event, or radishes, or even a mixed greens salad. But bok choy just doesn’t seem to have the personality to hold its own as the main feature of a meal.

But it’s in the basket, so I have to use it. So here are some ways I’ve some up with.

  • Salads – The chopped raw stems add a crispy texture to a rice salad or tossed green salad, and the leaves can be added to salad greens
  • Stir fry – Maybe this is how this vegetable is most commonly used. I used it in a radish sauté last week. It added some bulk to the dish, but not much else.
  • Snacks – If you’re a little thirsty or just want to feel something crispy in your mouth, you can munch on some raw bok choy.
  • Beans – Add some to the pot when you’re cooking beans. I admit I haven’t tried this yet, but it’s on this week’s agenda.

If anyone else who’s had a happier experience with this vegetable has some other suggestions, please share.



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