A Profusion of Apples

It seems there’s been a bumper crop of apples this year. I see them everywhere I go — along roadsides, in people’s yards, peeking out of wood edges — trees dripping with apples and piles of fallen fruit at their feet. I’ve certainly been taking advantage of this abundant apple season and have been harvesting from a couple of apparently orphaned trees near my house.


Here is how I have been using the fruits of my harvest:

Breakfast — Every morning we enjoy chopped apples with our oatmeal. They’re good with cold cereal, too.

Applesauce — We’ve been eating it fresh and have loads in the freezer for later enjoyment

Sandwiches — Sliced apples combined with peanut butter or cheese and some sprouts make a great sandwich.

Bread pudding — Add a couple of sliced apples and a handful of raisins to your favorite bread pudding recipe for a tasty dessert.

Apple crisp — Need I say more?

Crepes — I make a filling of sliced apples baked with sugar, cinnamon, raisins, and walnuts.

When life gives you apples, you might as well eat them. Especially when they’re free, fresh, and organic.


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