The Ever-Changing Boundaries of the Edible Backyard

The size and shape of an edible backyard are ever changing. Where I live now, I am fortunate to be able to take advantage of “Mother Nature’s garden” in the form of the woods and wood edges that surround my neighborhood, not to mention the more-than-occasional edible “weed” that slips past the landscaper’s lawnmower. My former edible backyard, however, with the vegetable garden, elderberry and hazelnut bushes, and rhubarb patch, went out of my life when I sold my house last December. At this time of year, I really miss that rhubarb patch. Fortunately, there are generous friends who are happy to share the bounties of their backyards. My friend Sarah offered to let me help myself to her rhubarb patch. And help myself I did.


The edible backyard takes many forms. No matter where you live, delicious, natural, organic local food is available to you, once you start looking.

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