Stinging Nettle

I was pretty excited to discover some stinging nettles growing under one of my hazelnut bushes recently.


Nothing beats the taste of stinging nettles, and they’re very easy to prepare. Just pinch off the tips (wear garden gloves, of course) and throw them in a pot of water.


They lose their sting pretty quickly once they start cooking. Boil for five to ten minutes until tender. Serve with butter and salt.


Don’t forget to drink the broth. That’s the best part.


Yum! Plus they’re packed with vitamins and minerals. I’ve heard people sing the praises of cream of nettle soup and I know there are plenty of other recipes featuring nettles. I keep thinking one day I’ll try some of them. But I love eating nettles prepared in this simple way so much, I never seem to have any left over for experimenting with other recipes.

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